Artist Info:

Jennifer Landin is a biologist, illustrator and science educator. As an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at NC State University, Jennifer teaches biology and biological illustration to non-scientists. Her focus is on increasing awareness of biodiversity and sharing an appreciation for all wild life through visual arts.


Influences, Education & Training:
Mostly self-taught. Workshops with Alvaro Castegnet, Linda Feltner, Trudy Nicholson, Hillary Parker, Judi Betts, Lew Lehrman, Gerald Brommer, Linda Pence, Frank Webb, Sterling Edwards

Related experience in art:
Teaching Biological Illustration at NC State University

Artistic philosophy:
In the past, I’ve struggled to find meaning in my art. Art should be more than a pretty picture or a personal outlook - it requires influence or impact. By combining art with education about nature and diversity (including the often ignored or 'repulsive' forms of life), I hope to contribute to conservation issues in my own way.

Most of my artwork is pen & ink with watercolor.

Goal to accomplish with art
Increase appreciation, respect and interest in nature, ecology, evolution and conservation.

Exhibitions & Shows
2014 (June-Aug) – “Best of” show at NC Museum of Life and Science
2014 (Sept-Dec) – Student exhibit at NC Museum of Life and Science
2013 (Nov-Dec) – “Wings Over Water” at NC Aquariums
2013-2014 (Dec-Jan) – “Nature Up Close” at NC Museum of Natural Science
2013 (May-June) – “Patterns in Nature” at NC Botanical Gardens